Why is it needed to declare its activity of seasonal rental in a city hall ?

The decree law of the 28th April 2017 n°2017-678 also known as « Airbnb decree » has been published at the official Journal the 30th of April. It is the concret application of certains dispositions of the law for a numerical republic of the 7th October 2016 which completed herself the complexe Airbnb legislation. Henceforth, some towns will be able to ask the landlord to obtain a registration number for their declaration in a city hall to rent on Airbnb.

The decree before all aims to give the towns more concret and effective ways to verify that the limit of 120 days of rental is respected.

Reminder, this limit of 120 days ( so approximately 4 months ) only applies to the principal residences.

Recording of your accommodation Airbnb in the city hall : what is mandatory ?

It is now obligatory to record your rented accommodation in short-time rental to the city hall ( except in the case of the mobility lease ) for all the short-time rentals. At the outcome of the declaration, a record number is delivered : without this number, the advertisement of the rental property cannot be online.

No panic, the process is easily done !

The recording in city hall Airbnb : how ?


The landlords have to fill a formula online on the website of their city hall.

In Arles, the declaration can be done via this link.

For other towns, go into your own city hall.

What information do we ask for, for the Airbnb recording in city hall ?

According to the Airbnb decree, this formula can include different information like personal records or the features of the accommodation. Most of the time, you will be asked :

  • If the furnished accommodation is a principal or secondary residence
  • Your contact details
  • The estimated time of rental
  • The address of the accommodation

A description of the accommodation : number of rooms, number of beds, decision date of rating if pertinent

Don’t forget that every change in the given informations has to be reported to the city hall.

The necessity to make the record number appeared on the advertisement

Following this declaration in city hall, you will obtain a record number of 13 characters.

This unique number, given by the landlords, will have to figure on your advertisement.

Warning : it is now obligatory to mention the record number obtained during the declaration in city hall on your advertisement of the rental property ! In case you forget, the advertisement can be suspended.

The concierge service of la boîte à projets helps you into this administrative process. It is part of our offer of management. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information !

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