Our values

First of all, our philosophy, our values.

We are a local business and do everything in our power to set up authentic services.

We don’t just put a key boxe, we welcome the vacationer in person to do a house tour with them and to accompany them in every step of their trip.

Second of all, we pay attention to details :

We give home-made mini-soap produced in Arles. It is ecological and respectful of the skin of our vacationer. To extend the experience, we also offer a local bottle of rosé wine and a sachet of Camargue rice.

As you can see, we think it is really important to welcome the client and give him the best experience.

Our services

The travelers who book one of our houses can have access to home services and amazing activities.

Our knowledge of the territory allow us to set up partnership with local service provider to propose authentic experiences up to the expectation of the travelers.

There are many concierge service… but they all have the same speech. A speech of profitability based on numbers, occupancy rates. Of course, it is important, but isn’t it the time to do more, do better ? To extend the client’s experience further ?

That is what we daily do.


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