We thought it would be interesting to make your accommodation look more attractive.

If they are combined, the recommendations right below may have a very positive impact on your filling rate on the different platforms, as well as your income.

Indeed, more attractive your good is, more the price of the rental property will be increased.

You need a hand to create your advertisement, make it more attractive et manage your good ?

You can call on our concierge service.

Conseils pour rendre votre logement plus attractif

Take care of the interior decoration


Take care of the interior decoration of your accommodation is one of the easiest way to attract new travelers.

Once it is the time to choose an accommodation on Airbnb. The vacationer will be more likely to be attracted by the one that will have the most well-made decoration.

It doesn’t matter if you are more modern or welcoming, the point is to put some originality and a bit of yourself too.

The vacationer will feel it and will be attracted by your accommodation.

Think about, for example, putting some paintings or pictures on the walls, to place some cute items around the house, to choose some more colors or pleasant materials. Think as well of a good lighting.


Supplies and modern accessories

While you are equipping an habitation destined to be short-time rented. Choose in the first place, modern and functional supplies and accessories.

Indeed, advertisements that gives a modern atmosphere are in general more popular than others. And this atmosphere has to be converted with great care.

Statistics revealed it, travelers have the tendency to look for this type of adjustment for their vacation, for this high-end side. They need to feel like they are in hotel with a rental property where nothing misses.

Our luxury concierge service can assist you for it.

When you decide to hand us your accommodation, we send you a list of what is necessary to start you rental properties.




For make your accommodation look more attractive the comfort is really important. It will be acknowledged through the comments of the travelers and will be a criterion which will push people to reserve.

The client needs all the comfort possible that he may not have at home.

Think about investing into comfortable furnitures ( sofa, chairs… )  and absolutely into a really good bedding.

Finally, don’t forget that you are not an hotel. You can add personal touches to your good in order to make the stay of your vacationer enjoyable. It is actually, at the beginning the concept of Airbnb, it is meant to welcome travelers into your universe.

It will also avoid you from falling into the basic advertisements, that no one is looking at.

So don’t hesitate to dare the incongruous in the decoration, the organization or even the supplies. Well-incorporated to a functional assembly, the uniqueness can be a factor of stepping out of the ordinary really efficient !

In order to allow to their advertisement to stand out from all the other advertisements on Airbnb, the concierge service  of La boîte à projets is assisting his household owner clients in the arrangement of their good(s).